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This is me – I took this video a few days ago, on Monday, when I was feeling low and sad. 95% of the time I’m in great form, outgoing, adventurous, creative, happy and enjoying everyday, but there are moments, namely anniversary’s, that I’m not quite myself.

I’m quiet, low in energy and just, well, sad. Earlier this week it just hit me like a tonne of bricks and I feel it’s appropriate to share this side of my life as I’m so open and honest with you about my journey through loss and grief over the years. If you’ve read my book, Broken Love, you’ll know all about the darkest days of my life and how I came through it.

But, of course, I’m still learning. I no longer have bad days, all day, just ‘bad moments’ in a day. I use my voice and platform to talk and share what it’s like to grieve and so wanted to share this raw and honest video. Sometimes, you just need a good cry to release what’s trapped inside.

I hope my story and my honesty can help you on your own journey and, remember, no matter how lonely you feel – you are never truly alone. 💜🦋 If you are struggling speak to a professional


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