Mental Health for Millennials

It has been a pretty hectic but positive week for me I have officicially become a published author. I have a chapter in a new book, but it is just the beginning as I plan on bringing my very own book out in the not so distant future.

‘Mental Health for Millennial’s has been published by Book Hub Publishing who take particular interest in health and wellness and there will be a series of books to follow, in fact, four more in this first series over 2017 and 2018. This book contains ten chapters with mental health being the central theme.

My own chapter is titled ‘Death and Grief’ and deals with the emotions attached to losing someone you love. I lost my brother Marcus when I was 15 and my Dad Maxie passed away when I was 16.

In the years that passed I went through some very difficult times trying to comprehend what happened, get on with my now broken life and try mend a shattered family home.

With the right help, a lot of reading, writing and learning to be open about what I was feeling, I managed to come through and now I am able to share my experience in the hope of helping others.

In my chapter I share insight from some authors who helped me along the way as well as some ancient stories that portray grief.


Also in this book, Phil Noone discusses her mother’s suicide and the effect that had on her. John Madden talks about self harming in the hope of dispelling the myths around it.

Dr. Niall MElwee delves into the area of social media and its effects on millennials. John Byrne’s chapter explores the concepts of counselling and therapy before providing some advice on how to achieve and sustain positive mental health.

Dr. Rebecca Housel talks openly about millennials and sexuality in the U.S. She is based in the States and is known as the Pop Culture Professor. Conor Hogan has a PhD in human behaviour and brings his findings into his chapter.

Heidi Messenger is a medium and talks about her life in her chapter Afraid of the Future, Failure and being a ‘Freak’.

Each chapter focuses on a  different area linked with mental health. Some tell a personal story, some a professional voice but ultimately the same goal. To help others.

The aim of the book is to provide information and insight to those struggling with their mental health. It can also give a greater understanding to those who are perhaps living with someone who is going through a difficult time and shed light on the darkness.

While it is called Mental Health for Millennials this book can speak to all ages on a level that is comfortable and comforting.

The book is available to purchase online: and costs just €10.




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