Your Festival Guide

With Indiepdance just wrapping at the weekend and Electric Picnic looming I want to share some festival insight and tips to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.
I’ve been to festivals all over the world from Coachella in LA to Wireless in London and most Irish ones. They can be the weekend of your life if you are well prepared.
Sleeping Arrangements: Make sure you have a waterproof tent. You would be surprised that not all tents keep the rain out and in Ireland we can never trust the weather forecast. Bring a blow up mattress because you aren’t always so lucky when it comes to location. One year there was a stone under my tent.
Clothing: While we all love the glitter, fringe and flimsy clothing don’t forget to bring warm layers for night time. The tents can get extremely cold. Also, if it does rain, which it will, have spare clothes. Do not forget the waterproofs.
Footwear: Wellies are an essential for any Irish festival even if the bottle green doesn’t match your floral ensemble. Bring flip flops as well for the shower as you don’t want to go barefoot. For the dry days, boots can work well. Trainers will only get destroyed.
Food: While there is food available at festivals, it can be quite expensive so pack some essentials. Breakfast bars, juice cartons and bread rolls are extremely handy to help you tick over. If you are very well prepared you could bring some prepared meals.
Hydration is Key: It is very easy to get caught up in party mode while dancing the night away in front of your favourite bands but try to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Festivals usually provide water stations but bring some bottles with you.
Drink Allowance: Each festival varies when it comes to the amount of alcohol you can take into the campsite. Be sure to check this before you travel.
Plan Ahead: Festivals have so much music and entertainment happening each day across different stages. Plan ahead who you want to see and make a route to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
Stay Safe: While festivals can be a place of fun and frolics make sure to stay with friends at all times. For larger events, pick a meeting point should anyone stray. When I was at Coachella we had a spot everyday to meet eachother.
Remember where you tent is because it is Ireland and the chances are that every second tent was bought in the same store. Hang a flag or paint the outside to ensure you can find your bed each night.
If you drive to the festival allow yourself enough time before driving home. There will be guards out in force to make sure everyone is travelling safe.

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