The importance of ME Day

It’s so very important to take time out from the concrete jungle, the busy work office and take some time to re-evaluate and reflect.

One day recently I woke up, turned my phone off and took a Me Day!

I gave myself time to reflect on recent happenings, my current situation and what I want in the future. It is so easy to get distracted and caught up in the bubble especially when you work in the 24/7 digital era. A blogger being one of them. Always online, always active, updating all social media accounts, staying in the know for fear of falling behind.

Fear being one of the most tackling emotions.

For me, fear holds me back in everyday things. It rears its ugly head every now and then or when I try push the boundaries or test myself. Sometimes I put myself out there but the fear takes over and I retreat.

But enough is enough, how will I ever succeed if I let this take control?

So for my Me Day here is what I did:

1. Woke Up and turned my phone off

2. Meditated

3. Made a hearty breakfast (French toast with fresh fruit)

4. Did a workout (1 hour at home workout from YouTube)

5. Wrote in my diary

6. Had tea with my neighbours

7. Tidied up my room (the most painful part)

8. Had a good chat with my mammy

9. Did some personal admin (emails and to-do list)

10. Relaxed…..

I know for so may people it seems impossible to take a day off but would it really be the end of the world to take even a half day?

To spend some time on yourself?

When I lived in London, it seemed merely impossible to take time out. But I remember I booked one Monday off and spent the entire day doing things for myself and it was that refreshing break I needed.

It’s also something very difficult to do. Spending time on myself? Are you mad? After I meditated I had a cry for myself. But I felt a release after doing so. And then I realised I was upset over something out of my control.

I had some niggly issues going on in my personal life and even talking about them to family and friends helped me to see everything clearer. I even caught up with an old friend who reassured me of some future plans I have.

As night time approached I had clarity and a greater understanding of what I am doing and I’ve made some plans for the future.

So make the decision to have a Me Day and reap the benefits…


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