Mental Health for Millennials

It has been a pretty hectic but positive week for me I have officicially become a published author. I have a chapter in a new book, but it is just the beginning as I plan on bringing my very own book out in the not so distant future. ‘Mental Health for Millennial’s has been published by Book Hub Publishing who take particular interest in health … Continue reading Mental Health for Millennials

“I would ban every sun bed on the planet”

I recently had a mole removed in Barrington’s hospital and since then I have spoken to Dr. Jennifer Lynch about skincare and what to look out for when you are checking brown spots. I asked her some very important questions about mole care, skincare and sunbeds! What are the main signs to look out for with moles? Look out for rapid growth. If a mole … Continue reading “I would ban every sun bed on the planet”

A Blind Man Showed Me The Light

Taking a walk through Battersea Park I felt out of sorts. With a lot on my mind I almost felt like I wasn’t really walking but floating on a cloud. Feeling a little unsure and a little apprehensive. Moving back to Ireland is overwhelming, a new job, a new house, an experience I should be used to by now but still never prepared for. We … Continue reading A Blind Man Showed Me The Light