Meghann Meets – The Podcast

I am delighted to announce my podcast, Meghann Meets.

Meghann Meets actually began many years ago on YouTube as I delved into the Vlogging world having had a blog since 2011. I was nervous putting myself out to the world, doubtful of my abilities. “Sure who would want to watch or listen to me”, I thought.

Working for companies over the years, meant I never gave time to these projects and then Vlogging and podcasting has taken hold. Podcasts are taking over as the most popular medium in recent years.

I often though, I’ll start now but I didn’t want to start for the sake of it, I wanted it to have purpose and meaning.

Lockdown came and while it seemed like the perfect time, I love chatting to people face to face. It’s more personal and I feel it’s important to build a connection. So I waited.

And here we are in January 2022, and I have my first episode of Meghann Meets.

Series one will focus on health and wellness as I chat to various people from different health fields and explore alternative healing, wellness methods and more.

Delighted to team up with Salt Float And Recovery Suites on this project. A great fit for what’s to come. And listen to the end of the podcast as they have kindly given me a special offer for listeners.

Meghann Meets Ann Marie Murray, the Oil Whisperer and chats about Bio Energy Healing, Essential Oils and another very exciting healing method to come.

To listen on Spotify – scan the URL code
To listen on Amazon Music – scan the URL code


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