Meghann Meets – The Podcast

I am delighted to announce my podcast, Meghann Meets.

Meghann Meets actually began many years ago on YouTube as I delved into the Vlogging world having had a blog since 2011. I was nervous putting myself out to the world, doubtful of my abilities. “Sure who would want to watch or listen to me”, I thought.

Working for companies over the years, meant I never gave time to these projects and then Vlogging and podcasting has taken hold. Podcasts are taking over as the most popular medium in recent years.

I often though, I’ll start now but I didn’t want to start for the sake of it, I wanted it to have purpose and meaning.

Lockdown came and while it seemed like the perfect time, I love chatting to people face to face. It’s more personal and I feel it’s important to build a connection. So I waited.

And here we are in January 2022, and I have my first episode of Meghann Meets.

Series one will focus on health and wellness as I chat to various people from different health fields and explore alternative healing, wellness methods and more.

Delighted to team up with Salt Float And Recovery Suites on this project. A great fit for what’s to come. And listen to the end of the podcast as they have kindly given me a special offer for listeners.

Listen here: Meghann Meets

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