What’s The Story…

What’s The Story is my brand new TV show. It is in association with Eason and is available on the Virgin Media Player.

I’ve always dreamt of presenting my own show and as an author, getting to present a show about books, is a match made in heaven. But, it is also something I manifested.

Let’s go back to this time last year when we were in lockdown after lockdown and I was in a difficult but transitional phase. I had a life coach, I was meditating much more and learning to listen to my gut and weave my way through some emotional issues.

It’s also a time when I made a Vision Board for myself. I drew four squares. One was personal goals, career goals, relationship/ friendship and other. In each box I wrote what I wanted and in the career box was ‘My own show’. I read my vision board each morning as it was stuck on the tiles beside my mirror in my bathroom.

And low and behold when restrictions eased and the world seemed to move forward, I got the call.

What’s the Story is a studio based show with panellists discussing the latest releases and an author to chat about their most recent release.

It’s entertaining, informative and fun. It’s for book worms and those who have never read a book.

Episode one: https://www.virginmediatelevision.ie/player/show/2146/189286/0/What%27s-The-Story%3F

Episode two: https://www.virginmediatelevision.ie/player/show/2146/190206/0/What%27s-The-Story%3F

What’s The Story is brought to you by Trilogy Media, Virgin Media and Eason.

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