Mindful Monday…6

Welcome to the final Mindful Monday in this series.

The MEG Method 

When I began writing Little Pocket of Love, I needed something to put my stamp on it. Something that could become synonymous with my work and my writing. 

I guess when the realisation struck that I am an author and I got beyond the Imposter Syndrome, I was able to fully accept my role in this world as a writer. My words healed me so now I can heal others.  

The Law of Attraction came into my life around 2011, a particularly difficult time. I was in a very confused, anxious and sad place. A friend handed me The Secret one day and so manifestation, gratitude and attracting what I wanted in my life began. 

It took me years to master this art though and oftentimes I was so desperate to make changes, that I would attract what was wrong for me. Or else I would focus my energy on something that was not meant for me. 

In recent years, I have been meditating and manifesting. I am a true believer in what is for you won’t pass you. But when you are so dead set on something and it doesn’t happen at the time, it can leave you feeling confused and as though you want to give up on what you are trying to manifest and on the process itself. 

With manifesting and meditating, you need to stick with it to get better at it and to really hone the craft. There is no quick fix or instant results initially but with patience and practice, the fruits of your labour will begin to manifest before your eyes. 

I mentioned patience which is something I did not have. I would become anxious and irritable because I wanted it now. I yearned for instant gratification which wouldn’t happen because being impatient isn’t the nicest or most welcoming of feelings and often the message you are portraying to the world is negative and sometimes desperate. So then the impatient levels rise rapidly and you can feel out of control.

I’ve had to work hard to become patient. When I begin to feel impatient, I meditate. I repeat mantras to myself such as “I am patient”. Sounds simple but simplicity is key. Repetition and daily practice has all added to my new found patience. (Ask my friends, they can vouch for this positive change within me!). 

Enter Law of Attraction. What you put out, comes back to you. And while you might think that you are being grateful and positive and practising all you read and saw, are you truly grateful and positive? Or are you pretending to be? Two very different mindsets. Are you doing it because you really want to or because you saw someone else doing it? 

I tried to copy and imitate what others were doing because I needed my quick fix. I had to unravel a lot of my inner turmoil before I could truly embrace a life of manifesting and attracting the life I wanted. 

Sometimes on social media we see these lives that we think are perfect and people saying that they manifested this amazing lifestyle and that you just need to focus on what you want and it will appear. It can be that easy after years of practice and patience but not right away. 

In my case, I felt I was always getting knocked back and in turn was getting frustrated that I wasn’t attracting the life I wanted so I began to lose trust and faith in the process but then it just went from bad to worse because I created this negativity around my entire thought process. 

But I have a very determined mind and with all the great books I read, I knew I could do this. I spent many years unblocking all the mental blockages within me. I dug up the old skeletons and had to make peace with my past. 

As I always say, through reading, writing, therapy, listening, educating and re-educating myself I began to see the light and make peace with my past. I accepted the grief, trauma, pain, sadness, anger and I let it all go. I made way for the good stuff. 

So now I can meditate and manifest, enjoy the present moment and also look forward to what is to come without hesitation because I know with a clear mind, healthy outlook and open heart, good things are happening and even better is to come. 

If you are ready to take that step, the MEG Method is here for you and always will be. 

M – Mind 

E – Envisage 

G – Go

Set your mind to what you truly want. What will give you genuine happiness? What is right for you? 

Envisage it. Create a mood board so you have a visual you can look at and read each time you see it. I have my one beside my bathroom mirror so I can read it each morning and night when I brush my teeth. 

Go get it. 

Meghann x 

Little Pocket of Love is available here: https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/product/little-pocket-of-love/

Broken Love is available here: https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/product/broken-love/

  • I am not a psychologist or therapist, I am a girl sharing my own story that may resonate with you and help you along your own journey. Seek professional help, it’s the best investment you can make.

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