Mindful Monday…3

Remember, it’s a breakthrough not a breakdown.

This quote appeared in Broken Love and Little Pocket of Love.

Let’s rewind to 2011 where I lay on the cold dark tiles of my student accommodation in Galway. My chest heavy with grief, my face an ocean of tears. The weight of my heart and pain within my soul felt like a magnet on that floor and I could not lift myself up. I called my Mother and its a though she knew I was in trouble because she was in town (Galway City) and was over to me in no time. “I’m having a breakdown,” I sobbed.

She pulled me off the floor, sat me on the sofa and said to me “This is a breakthrough, not a breakdown”.

And to this day, I can hear those words as clear as can be. And that day, everything changed. Because knowing it was a breakthrough felt like I could and I would be able to get through this very dark period.

Mam also told me that it was time for me to grieve the death of my brother (2005) and father (2006). I didn’t think it was grief up until that moment. I genuinely believed that I was losing my mind and that I would never recover. But I did. Because it was a BREAKTHROUGH. I was breaking through the wall of grief. A very big wall, doubled stoned like the walls you find at home in Galway.

Day by day, bit by bit, I began to break through that wall. With therapy, family, friends, reading and writing, it all helped to chip away at each stone.

It wasn’t easy, it was hard, it was dark, it was sad, it was painful but it was worth every second. Looking back now, I am grateful I took that wall on and didn’t give up that day on those cold tiles.

Hard times make us resilient, make us powerful, make us grateful, make us real people. We are all battling a wall at some stage or another and we need to remember that we can also guide each other through these times.

You can make that decision today, right now.

To breakthrough the pain, breakthrough the anxiety, breakthrough the grief, breakthrough the heart ache, breakthrough any obstacle in life.

And remember, it’s a breakthrough not a breakdown.

Meghann x 

Little Pocket of Love is available here: https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/product/little-pocket-of-love/

Broken Love is available here: https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/product/broken-love/

  • I am not a psychologist or therapist, I am a girl sharing my own story that may resonate with you and help you along your own journey. Seek professional help, it’s the best investment you can make.

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