Little Pocket of Love

My second book is here and I’m delighted to share it with you.

What a year it has been for every single one of us.

There’s a story on this book from writing it, changing it, delayed printing, design changes, Bali, Bali cancelled, lockdown 3.0.

This project changed many times. I wrote a full book and it didn’t flow or seem right and it was a follow up of Broken Love, my debut book. I didn’t want to produce my story again. So, I stayed in the Woodlands Hotel in Adare, pulled the entire book apart and pulled out the best quotes.

This book is for you. A quote a day, pick a theme or simply open it up and see what quote you get.

It’s a book on quotes around themes of mental health, anxiety, panic attacks, separation, divorce, social media, COVID-19, gratitude, happiness and more. 

I hope you can take this Little Pocket of Love with you wherever you may go.

Available here.

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