Happy 30th Birthday Marcus

Today we should be blowing the balloons, hanging streamers and collecting your cake!

The house should be filled with love and laughter because it is Valentines Day after all.

Mam reminiscing on the time she went into labour, how her first born made her wait 14 hours. We would be laughing about childhood birthdays, the tears, the tantrums, the fun and the games.

We should be hanging embarrassing photos around the walls. Gathering your nearest and dearest to mark this special age.

Instead few of us gather in a sacred place. With tears streaming and an ache in our hearts.

Our hearts are broken and although not empty, they are never whole.

The tears are strained and plenty.

The loneliness deep and the dark sky’s looming.

For today sunshine seems so far away.

Your smile, your laughter, your curiosity and your charm all but a memory.

The smell of Hugo boss empowering the small walls of Ardrahan.

Your cheeky grin and your checkered shirts.

The road ahead seemed so pleasing, the road ahead seemed so long.

Yet one foul swoop, one silly bend.

Your final words, the sudden end.

I’ll never forget you, you’re with me everyday, I love you dear Marcus,

Please come back if only for one day!



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