Belgian treats in Brussels 

During the European trip I had to stop off in Brussels! I’ve some friends living there but I’m also a massive fan of Belgian chocolate! I know, I know, if you follow me on Snapchat you think I’m a health nut with my wheat grass and bars that are as tasty as cardboard! But believe it or not – I love a good Belgian chocolate!

Flights: Just like Rotterdam I travelled to Brussels by train buy you can fly here with Ryanair from Dublin.

Accommodation: I was pleasantly surprised with the price of hotels in Brussels! I booked a 5 star for just €80 for one night. I stayed in the Hotel Metropole, an old hotel that looked like something from the Titanic with its mahogany detailing, marble floors and gold plating. I almost wish I was wearing my heels and long dressy coat with a hat.

The staff were lovely and because we waited patiently in the queue to check-in (there were some impatient people ahead of us) we were given a beautiful room!

My school master in Labane National School always told us to judge a place by its bathrooms. Well this hotel went above and beyond. It had a his and hers sink, a large bath AND the toilet was in a separate area. Dreamy!

I highly recommend this place for a touch of old grandeur but do search online for loads of amazing deals.

Transport: Luckily enough only one train was needed from Rotterdam to Brussels! The city itself reminds me of Galway with it’s cobbled lanes and cute buildings so I walked everywhere. I love nothing more than strolling around new places and getting lost. It’s how I find the hidden gems!

Food: There is a lot to be said for a Belgian waffle dripping in chocolate at breakfast time and that’s exactly how it happened. I had a white chocolate and strawberry waffle topped with honey comb and yes it was the naughtiest most delicious treat.

For dinner there is loads of restaurants that offer deals on courses etc and I suggest going for one of these. But be careful. The place we went to had rude staff and we were so long waiting for our food that we forgot we were hungry. The drinks were over priced and then when my mussels arrived the waitress never warned me that the pot was piping hot. I swear I still have the marks on my fingers not to mention half the restaurant looked when I let out a yelp. We didn’t even wait for desert.

So be careful and take time to choose a location.

Things To-Do: 

Christmas Markets: Seeing as it was December time when I went to Brussels the place was a winter wonderland. Streets were shit down to drivers just so people could walk around to the numerous stalls.

There was everything and anything on offer from sweet treats to warm pots, Belgian beer to hot wine. There was jewellery and gifts to suit everyone.

The Christmas lights were magical and it really felt like Santas grotto!

La Grand Place: This had been recommended to me by a friend and wow! It was decoded for Christmas with a large manger in the middle. It was just so magnificent to see.

Angel Wings: I’m in awe of angels and wings. I even have a butterfly tattoo on my side. Brussels has a collection of life sized angel wings on the street and you can stand in front of them to recreate your own wings. I was like a child on Christmas morning running around to them all.

Beer: I really feel Belgium needs its own shoutout for the local brews. Firstly there are so many. I went to a famous bar called Delirium Cafe which is actually a craft beer bar with a crazy amount to choose from. I hadn’t a clue what I was after so I went for a cherry flavoured beer. This place is hugely popular and worth a visit.

I wanted to experience old style bars so I found one wandering around and it was perfect. Minimal decor, plain wooden stools and a bar, not a word of English to be heard. The barman served me the local beer and assured me it was the best. And I have to agree with him. We even for chatting to the one man with English who sent us in the direction of more bars. Each bar and local brew was as great as the next. Such a fun experience.

Checkout my video from Brussels,



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