I took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference

I never wanted to leave Ireland but now I am part of the ‘Emigration’ gang. I love this country, everything about it from the friendly faces, the comfort, the beautiful landscape and it is a really great place to live in.
But when it comes to a career, I had to leave my little island. I went to London and I spent a year and a half in the hustle and bustle. I did an internship programme which was exceptional and the training gained invaluable. The hours were long, the pay was minimal but I thought if I do this for one year, I can return home and get on the career ladder.
I came back to Ireland in August 2014 ready to begin the next chapter.
Here I am, February 2015 looking for work in the UK! I have applied for numerous jobs in my field with very little success. Some companies asked me to do an internship on little or no pay, others told me to keep an eye on their website for upcoming positions while very few even sent the ‘unsuccessful’ email.
So what are my options? I am becoming de-skilled at my trade. I feel emigration is all I have. London can offer me more it seems.
Fast forward May 2015.
Last March I was unemployed and I took a trip to America to see friends (who had emigrated). I spent two weeks exploring California and it was an eye opener. The tech companies a buzz on the streets of San Francisco, the atmosphere friendly and inviting and the opportunities endless with the finances to match. As I boarded the plane to Ireland I waved goodbye to seven Irish friends, all of whom live and work in the States and I thought, am I doing the right thing going home?
My mind was frazzled when I landed on Irish soil. Where do I want to go? What will I do? I looked into career changes, jobs I wasn’t even trained in, countries to move to, visas, travelling, I explored every avenue.
But I had started working in a freelance position and I was feeling settled and happy getting back to my journalism roots. My family didn’t pay all that money for a Masters in Journalism for it to be a mere certificate that decorated the living room wall. I needed to use it.
So now I am working in journalism combining all my skills with my favourite topics from music to entertainment, even some sport. I enjoy my working day and the events just as much. I was camera woman last week and I have been sourcing content for the site. Although not my own boss, I feel more in control than ever and that sense of responsibility I so eagerly awaited.
Maybe in a few months I will find myself at that wall again of where to go and what to do. For now, I am trying to stay focused on the task at hand but the itch to get out of this country is ever present but dormant today.
I often read articles from my peers who say it’s a marathon not a sprint but at 25 you want to run, climb, leap and get to every place at once while still maintaining relationships, a social life and family time. The mind is racing and full of ideas yet confused as to how to execute them.
You need to be fresh, on the ball, inventive, confident yet different. And that is something I have always tried to do in my life. Maybe while everyone sets sail to pastures greener, I shall keep my toes on Irish soil.
I’m on the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference.

(published on my LinkedIn)

Feb 5th 2015

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