Spiritual Healing with Elaine Molloy

Over the years I have tried many different forms of healing. I’ve been to counsellors, psychologists, doctors and I’ve even been put on anti-depressants.

After spending almost a year on medication I always felt there was something deeper, more meaningful that could help me through my sad phase. Plus I hated that numbing feeling the tablets gave me. I always knew it was a short fix to a long term problem.

I needed time to heal and grieve and I also needed a more meaningful understanding as to what I was going through.

I’ve known Elaine for some time now and we have always had a connection. I am drawn to her kind nature and warm heart and I didn’t realise that there was a reason behind all of this – Elaine is a healer and the person who would help me in more ways than I ever expected.

When I first went for healing with Elaine I was very lost and confused. I had moved home from London and I wasn’t sure of the job I was in and what direction I wanted my life to take.

Not long into that session she could see my broken heart and the effect that my brother and fathers death had on me and even a break up of a relationship. All factors to my confusion at that time.

I went on to do more sessions with Elaine and each time felt a weight lift, a sigh of relief and a sense of calmness around me. It was so great to have someone who really understood my loss, and at that time, my anguish.

Over the past few months I have really felt a shift take place in my mind. It is as though the grief has been lifted and I can now enjoy my life. My anxiety is under control and now the things that were once a burden or a task are now an enjoyment – I even have a better understanding of what it is I want to do with my life.

Recently, Elaine and I did a distance healing reading meaning I sent her some questions and she did the work from her home while I stayed in mine and the answers to my queries blew me away. The doubts I had are now diminished. I feel confident about my current situation and the direction my life is going to take.

Elaine explained every aspect of the reading to me, what happened during it and details about my life.

Also, at the time that she was doing the reading I could feel the energy. I felt quite lethargic and lay down for a little while and after the session I felt the energies change.

Even certain things that Elaine said to me from previous sessions is starting to formulate in real life. It is amazing to now see what she could see for me.

I asked Elaine to sum up the work she does:

“My main goal as a therapist is to help people to let go of or be free of all that is keeping them back whether it is a physical, emotional or mental problem. I achieve this goal through medical consultations using Ayurveda, muscle testing and allergy testing, emotional counselling and energy healing to shift those patterns of behaviour that are holding them back. 
I also do channelled health and life readings to give direction and guidance. With each reading, a distance healing is sent and a sound file with channelled healing sounds to shift and resolve the problem. 
I particularly enjoy helping clients discover and pursue their life’s purpose by conducting an IET session which remove the blocks to success and aligns them with their highest purpose.”
I can honestly say that Elaine has given me clarity and peace of mind and I cannot recommend her enough to assist in any area of your life that you are unsure about. Maybe you are going through a rough patch, grieving for someone who has passed away, struggling with the breakup of a relationship and need some comfort and reassurance. Then look no further….

Checkout Elaine Molloy for more information

And the ARCH Healing Ireland Facebook page

 ** All photos belong to Elaine

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