Fitness with QuinFit

As you may, or may not know, I kicked off #Fitober on October 1st. Having moved back to Galway I wanted to set myself a new goal so I decided I wanted to get fit and healthy.

I have always tried to keep fit and eat well but I really wanted to push myself because I was lacking in energy and starting to feel a bit ‘meh’….

I’m approaching my mid to late twenties so it is important for me to get on top of this now.

And I have always lived by this motto: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. It is a known fact that exercising releases endorphin’s which relieve stress and make you feel good. I find it also helps me with any issues I am trying to address and makes me see things clearer.

As #Fitober kicked off, I was enthusiastic and ready to go but after a week or so I grew a little bored because I’m not a great self motivator. All my life I have been involved in team sport or always had a coach to push me that little bit extra.

So that’s when I decided I needed a trainer to guide me, help me and I guess to drive me on. And that’s when I met with Alan Quin, a personal trainer with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science as well as numerous qualifications in training, fitness and health.

I don’t plan on getting on any stage, I’m not doing this for anyone else, I’m not into these mad fad diets, I just wanted to feel better about myself while getting healthier.

As I said diets aren’t for me and let’s face it I love carbs, I love bread, chips, crisps and chocolate. I’m fond of my nights out and I love my wine so I’m not cutting them out any time soon.

When I met with Alan I told him all of this and so he set about making a programme that suits me and my lifestyle.

Here is a video from our first sessions and thank god for the glorious sunshine because we got to train in Blackrock in Salthill. I have little or no upper body strength and struggle with push ups so I know it is an area I need to work on but here is how we got on….
Alan also uses an app Trainerize so when I can’t make it to the gym I can workout at home following my profile he made for me. It has simple step by step guides for each training session and videos of everything I need to do. It also means Alan can keep track of the work I do wherever I go so even when I go to America next month he can make a programme for me and check that I am sticking to it.

It is also keeping track of my weight and size along the way so I can see how I am getting on. I’m excited to see the changes and already I am feeling healthier, enjoying the workouts and just in better form all round.

A personal trainer in your pocket is what I like to call it.
For more info checkout:
Facebook: Quin Fitness
Instagram: Quinfit
Website: Quin Fitness

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